Nothing Is Off Limits With Platform Lifts

Nothing Is Off Limits With Platform Lifts

Rely on us for a platform lift installation out of Twin Falls, ID

While ramps work great for many buildings, there are plenty of homes that don't have enough room or support for wheelchair ramps. A platform lift installation is the perfect option make every part of your property accessible. Speak with the experts at Liberty Access & Mobility Solutions to see if a wheelchair lift installation is right for your home.

Our lifts are built to last and even perform safely in power outages. Call 208-358-8052 today to schedule a platform lift installation in Southern Idaho.

Experience independent living with a wheelchair lift installation

If you bought your home before your mobility issues or disability, you might struggle to remain independent in a home that simply wasn't built for your needs. A wheelchair lift installation will help you:

  • Perform daily tasks like laundry or cleaning
  • Keep your cherished home without needing to sell
  • Save money that would otherwise be used for in-home care
  • Gain more mobility both indoors and outdoors

Continue to live a normal life inside your own home with our affordable prices.